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Most filmmakers ask for people’s money before making the film, we’re doing it after. 

Everyone know’s how expensive it can be to make a film, even a short one. With the  cost of camera and sound gear, post production fees,  and the most priceless thing of all: TIME,  self funding can turn out to be quite an expensive choice. But Right to Wynwood was a story we couldn’t walk away from, so we took this route.  It’s not surprising that two recent graduates with a mountain of student debt are now asking for financial support for the most important part of the filmmaking process- the release. The amount of money, years, months, hours, tears, sweat spent on Right to Wynwood is undeniably worth it, but our only goal from the very beginning of this project was to start conversation. The more screens Right to Wynwood reaches, the more eyes will watch, hearts will feel, mouths will speak. Awareness sparks conversation; conversation is eventually followed by action. More conversation is what we need, and so we keep going. Please join us.

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Right to Wynwood (Official Trailer)

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